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The Rules

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 The Rules Empty The Rules

Post by Charlie FiftyWatts on Mon Mar 24, 2014 4:16 pm

You guys can ignore these. We have no rules. However, having been a board creature for years, I can tell you our site host does have to obey real world laws and such, so things like posting pornography, torrents, defamation, hate speech etc can actually get us in trouble (they could delete our board without warning if they felt we weren't watching their back for them). I'm going to post the most gentle set of rules I ever saw. These were posted by some anarchist friends of mine. They''ll give you an idea of what things we kind of have to watch as a community... But really, just use your common sense and love each other. Think Woodstock everybody.


Most of these are from our site host's Terms of Service, and if we
failed to go by them we could be deleted. So we're going by them:

Members should not post content that is:

~libelous or defamatory
~encourages or threatens harm
~glamorizes the use of hard drugs
~promotes or glorifies racial intolerance,
uses hate and/or racist terms,
or signifies hate towards any person or group of people

You may not

~sell things
~attack other members
~bring problems from other boards


Please keep swearing tame and infrequent.

The language filter has been set to disallow derogatory labels  ('quee.r',
'faggo.t' etc.). It also disallows '', 'piece of', and 'god dam.n'
as part of our effort to curtail the use of foul and impolite language.
The filter's job is to remind you whenever you use an unwanted word.
Don't circumvent it.  (That's a rule.)

So also is "no foul-mouthing". At the mod's discretion
if your language is deemed unnecessarily coarse and offensive to the
gentler ears on the board, you may be edited.

Disciplinary Procedure

It's a little known fact of this board, but there is a 'three strikes' rule.
If you break a rule and are warned about it, but then do it again, and
then do it a third time, that will earn you a 2 day vacation from posting.
However, to make this not so strict and scary, your strike count will drop
to zero automatically, after three months of good behavior.

Finally - Please be nice to each other, use your common sense, and enjoy your forum!

If you have any problems, please message Charlie FiftyWatts.

Okay, again, you can ignore most of this. They're rules that were for another site, which had its own set of problems we were having to address. But I wanted to show those of you who are new to forum life what kind of stuff goes on. We did have guys that were attacking other members, calling them "piece of shit" and telling them they had no right to live, and yadda, and this was causing members to leave and other members who would have joined to not join. So we had to lose the convenience of our anarchist ideals and get a bit Colonel Klink about it. But we won't even have to think about doing that here unless we got like 20 members going or so, and then maybe trouble could start (oh, it can). People disagree and get mean about it, you know. Like me, I could probably make a republican supporter cry if I didn't restrain myself, but that's another story.  Shocked  Y'all have a great day on the boards!  - Charlie    Very Happy 
Charlie FiftyWatts
Charlie FiftyWatts

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