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Read the entire Bloom County, online, free, right now!

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Read the entire Bloom County, online, free, right now!

Post by Charlie FiftyWatts on Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:13 pm

Bloom County was published in books, but all were INcomplete.
EXCEPT the 5 set series of hardcovers called Bloom County Complete Library.
There's also a book called OUTLANDERS - a series Breathed did after BC ended.
~  You can buy all that at Amazon for $180-ish.  ~

OR you could read it all at this link, right now, free:


ALSO: Bloom County was restarted in 2015, and is still going as of 2018.
FIND THAT AT THE LINK, because I don't see books of it being sold (or yet).

HERE'S the wikipedia


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