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Things You Need To Know About This Forum

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Things You Need To Know About This Forum Empty Things You Need To Know About This Forum

Post by Charlie FiftyWatts on Mon Mar 24, 2014 5:44 pm

The maximum width postable at this forum is 645.
Be it youtube or picture: 645 is the maximum width allowed.

If you find you can't post or see any you tubes...

go to your profile, click 'preferences', then click 'always allow html'.

*{Click if need to know -->howto post a you tube}

If you click "Allow newsletters" (at the top of that same list), you won't get on a spam list, you'll simply - and only - get notified when something special is going on here.

It is safe to put your email address in your profile, and in pm's. You'll never get spam from us. We won't give your address to anyone.

But don't post your address in comments or the chat box. (because you don't want your email address posted publicly on the internet, you'd end up on a spam list.)

At the bottom of any thread, where it says "Similar Topics". those are links to other forums. They are not this forum. So if you see anything unsavory there, it's not us.

To see all the available smilies, when you're posting or in chat box,
click "view more emoticons", then "smilies 1", then  "ok".
Charlie FiftyWatts
Charlie FiftyWatts

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